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 There's been a bit of movement with fans regarding the Tobin's Spirit Guide stuff I did and talk of it getting updated and published. I don't know where the rights sit. We tried at IDW three years ago and Sony couldn't give us the license, which is how I ended up working on the comics in the first place, I'd heard that this MAY have changed since, so I suggest if you're interested in seeing something like this published, or have any sort of suggestions click the link below and let them know!

Again, I don't know if it IS even possible, as I haven't really had anything to do with IDW since I started working on Hoax Hunters at Image, but if they can't at least this is a good way to maybe get the word out and find out where it CAN be made possible!
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Razorgeist Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2013
I havent been able to get on the forums but i have been sending IDW emails so i hope that helps Trist.
sanshugroove Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2013
I'm really happy with the response so far on social media and the thread you posted. Looks like a few even joined up just to post their support for the guide. Hope the hurdles keep getting cleared!
ozwalled Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2013
Not motivated enough to make an account and first post in that topic, but it's something I'd still love to see. Personally, with the books they've put out in the last few years, I'd better trust Archaia with making a great-looking book, with a reasonably authentic-looking cover or whatever, but yeah, hopefully IDW would be up to the task of making it so that it has a really good look and feel worthy of an official edition.

Oh, and hopefully it wouldn't be another one of IDW's limited edition books that ranks up in the $200 range or so. I really like/ love some of the books they put out (they have some really great stuff), but I grow tired of them releasing these monstrously-priced tomes if there's not a cheaper, more readily-available alternative. I ponied up for the $200-ish+shipping Ashley Wood Big Beautiful Book a while back, but every now and then, I still have to eat, y'know?

Anyway, really hope they or someone can put out something nice and reaonably-priced enough for it to have been worth the wait...
T-RexJones Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2013
Well, here in lies a problem. You telling me that you wish a company would do it doesn't REALLY accomplish anything, because it's the companies that need to know that you guys want this sort of thing. I don't mean to sound snarky, but that's the bottom line of it. These are all great suggestions, but they really do need to be aired where the people who make these decisions will see them. I think with the Ghostbusters license lying at IDW, it's most likely to go over to them, considering we tried a couple of years ago but couldn't cut through the red tape at the time. And if I WERE to pitch again, authenticity wouldn't exactly be a problem, but again, this are concerns that would need to be raised with potential publishers, editors, etc. I know exactly what I'd do if I was given the chance, and I know folks already approve of things from three years ago (wait'll they see what I could do with them now!)... it's the ones putting it out that need to know. Fans don't seem to realise the power an email or logging into a forum actually commands for them.

Also, you know Archaia don't exist anymore, right? They went bankrupt. Books were expensive, they weren't paying people, so on and so on. Boom bought whatever assets they had not long ago I believe.
ozwalled Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2013
First off, my apologies -- I wasn't clear at all there due to rushing a bit, and that's fully my fault.

Part of what I was trying to express, I suppose, was the idea that it annoys/ frustrates me a bit when I have to sign up for something that I may only use once. It would be so much nicer/ easier for people to say something there if there was some sort of "login with your twitter or facebook login" or some such thing, as I've seen on some other sites in the past (or, for that matter, the ability to post anonymously). While these sort of things probably present problems of their own, it's one of those little things that saves time and I feel allows for a much more free and varied dialogue.

I also should have said "would mentioning it to them on Twitter instead be of use?".

And yeah, I'm aware the Ghostbusters licencing's with IDW, and I'm fine with it likely coming out through them if it comes out from anyone -- there, I guess I was trying to express the idea of "HM, I'm not sure they've really done anything like this before at all. Has anyone? Archaia's made some really unique, swanky-looking hardcovers. Taking a page out of their book (no pun intended) in making a tome that's really gorgeous-looking but doesn't break the bank might be worth looking into". Truth is though, to my knowledge, there are few (if any) examples of projects anything like this (more or less a non-comicbook format, illustrated and annotated, old-looking bestiary based on a book appearing in a licensed property) that have been made by comic companies, so pretty much no matter what, IDW would be taking on a big challenge in making this, a book that would hopefully appeal as much to Ghostbusters fans that have only seen the movies and/or cartoons as it would to fans who have read the comics.

And wow, I actually was completely unaware of Archaia being bought by BOOM!, and had no idea that they'd been having such problems... So thanks for that bit of information. That's really too bad, especially after Tale of Sand won the Eisner, and they'd been making some other really neat stuff as well.

At any rate, you're probably right. I should just bite the bullet, sign up for the forum, and make some sort of comment on that thread.

Should it go ahead and should you be the person (or one of the people) directly involved in bringing a Toben's Spirit Guide to life (again, no pun intended, I swear), then I wish you the very best of luck in making it truly and wonderfully awesome. :)
MattTriano Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2013  Professional
T-RexJones Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2013
All of the Truckfighters. Best fucking show I've been to in years.
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